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Rajput Military History & Military Personalities

This category is about various battles which Rajputs have fought. This is category details of these events with references, estimates of casualties on both sides, strategies used and consequences of these battles/wars fought. What were the reasons for the war and events which lead to these battles etc. Members are requested to add topics with details as much as possible and are encouraged to provide references.

Rajput Rulers

This category ‘Rajput Rulers’ is about only the kings who known to be great rulers and whose life can be an inspiration or who achieved greatness or expanded their empire against the odds.

Rajput Clans

This category contains details about various Rajput Clans, their origin, and the ruling territory. Clan organization and its branches, influence, and achievements. Which kings and rulers existed in a particular clan and complete pedigree details and others etc.


This category contains community-generated / curated well-researched insightful interesting articles and blogs. Here you create a topic and write articles (please provide references when you do so). Community members can reply to the articles and have a healthy constructive discussion on the topic.

Rajput Folk Cultures

This article contains famous literary work and artistic compositions about Rajput community / Rulers whose influence and impact is huge. This group may also contain the latest movies, tv shows and others which have been made or are being made about various Rajput Rulers or events in history related to Rajputs.

Meta / Site feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Rajput Personalities

This category is for Rajput Personalities. These include present & past generations of Rajput Person who served or excelled in various walks of life, including Armed Forces, Police, Intelligence, Sports, Politics & more.


This category is reserved for wiki articles i.e. articles which can be corrected and improved by community participation and input.

Kshatriya Calendar

This category is about listing all the anniversaries and important dates which need to be celebrated.