70 years & Rajputs: Our Failures & the Road ahead

The 4 Stages of Systematic Destruction

There are 4stages of systematic destruction that make up this viscious cycle.

Stage 1: Alienate & Shame : They would bombard the Rajput people with ‘n’ number of narratives created in their privately controlled well-funded “mainstream” houses or through their opaque academic circles. This way they ensure that the Rajput public is sucked into a bog where they are forced to give explanations on their past, rather than focus on their present.
Rather Rajputs must question them about their past vigorously.

आप सफाई क्यों दे रहे हो? क्या आप स्टेकहोल्डर हो इस व्यवस्था में? क्या आप शासक हो? क्या आपको शासन की मलाई मिल रही है? आप 70 साल से इस व्यवस्था में आउटसाइडर हो और मार्जिन्स पर हो। आपको इस व्यवस्था में हानि ही हुई है लाभ नहीं। आपने सबसे ज्यादा कुर्बानी दी है। इतनी वफादारी के बावजूद आपको सहानुभूति और सराहना की जगह गाली ही मिली है। आपको तो जवाब लेने चाहिए आप जवाब दे क्यों रहे हो? सफाई वो देंगे जिनको इस व्यवस्था से सबसे ज्यादा लाभ।

Stage 2: Appropriate & Steal heritage : They will appropriate identity and history of different Rajput clans, they will aprropriate forebearers and other prominent figures of rajputs as dicussed above. Hence they will openly steal heritage of the same rajputs that they shame and alienate. They will deny a Yaduvanshi Rajput, a Banafar Rajput, a Parihar rajput their own heritage. In order to fight it, Rajputs must document and celebrate their history, lay ownership over their heritage more vigorously.

For eg. (a) the defeats of Pratihars or Chauhans would be cited as "Rajput defeats" and used in isolation to establish rajputs “defeat specialists”. Yet the victories and accomplishments of Pratihar and Chauhan clans would be cited as Gujjar accomplishments.
(b) On one hand they would stereotype Rajputs with extreme narratives, and on the other even deny them a common identity.

Stage 3: Tabooing & Personal Shaming: They will shame celebrities, educated and talented people of Rajput backgrounds if at all these people (who are “cream” of the community) associate with the community and its people and rather implore to disassociate with them (just as Shekhar Gupta advised Jadeja in the tweet above). They insist that, unlike in other communities, educated, wise, talented and public personalities and specially intellectuals from the Community disown the community. This way, they ensure that the rajput people are denied an educated , enlightened and good leadership.
Instead of cowing before them, the mainstream Rajput public personalities must unitedly own their identity and associate with their people and raise issues of the people.

Stage 4: Encourage Bigots to mislead : They will promote and encourage fanatical rajput organizations as faces of the community to both mislead the ordinary gullible rajput public and discredit genuine Rajput concerns. For eg. Karni Sena of Surajpal Amu which is nothing but a BJP-RSS Trojan Horse, was raised by the Rightwing so that they can control Rajput-discourse and distract the rajput public from their own core-issues. It is also promoted by the “Liberal media” to discredit genuine rajput voices and concerns.
And finally use these individual bigots and crass organizations as excuses to reiterate the stage 1.

Our Own Failures

  1. Lack of Organization
  2. Short-sightedness:

Rajputs became absolute pariahs to decision-making, policy-making and opinion-making in modern State.
Is not this a shame that the community that has such a huge past spanning 1500 years, doesn’t have any well-funded and resourceful Academic lobby overlooking its History and its current socio-economic struggles?
Apart from Brahmins, Banias, Ashrafs, Dalits, Jats, Ahirs and even Gujjars have their own dedicated circles of Academicians, while Rajputs don’t.

  1. Sheepish Elie & Educated class

  2. Rogue & Corrupt Organizations

But yeah, such thinking, is the reason why we are going in circles imho.
It is always " loss of tradition " that is blamed for decline in rajput discourse , but never " unwillingness to learn, evolve & innovate"

Jats & Gujjars in NCR are powerful because they are organized, they have an intellectual base which even helps to distract public attention from Jat-Gujar goons too.
It is a community that has always resisted progress or revolution. Even they used lances & swords even when Marathas were equipped with European weapons.

The community resisted change even in 20th century, when Jaats Brahmins etc revolutionized themselves to become dominant.

And thus, I agree nothing will change the community, forget my writing …even their own conditions & decline couldn’t change them.
Bhai , I totally agree with you. This has been the one & only flaw of Rajputs — all flaws are infact outcomes & progenies of this MegaFlaw.

Kshatriyas resist to Learn, resist to Evolution, & resist to Adaptation i.e. resist to Change, which is why they are still stuck up in same situation.

And this despite the fact, that the greatest Kshatriya once preached that " Change is the Only Permanent"

Jats of 2020 are radically different & evolved from the Jats of 1920. We haven’t changed much.

The thing is that Rajputs must learn from Jats & Sikhs on how they cleaned their khaappanchayat image and Khalistani images within a short time.

And this is not possible, if we don’t Organizr ourselves, Analyse the problem, make a Note of it in our Literature ( we dont even write on our socioeconomic & political problems — isn’t it the root of the problem), Make a blueprint and bring elites to fund the initiatives.

That’s how we must begin, but the question is : Are we really serious of acting and not merely lipservice ? Our families only do lipservice but never act.