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This category is dedicated to the great Rajput Ruler belonging to the imperial Pratihar / Parihar Clan of Rajputs. People can share & discuss events from his history, life events and situations that he faced and overcame, his achievements and influence on the Indian subcontinent.

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Mihira Bhoja was definetly the second best ruler post classical India (after Govinda III Rathore (Rashtrakoota). He actually did not have it easy upon entering the throne as evidenced by the hard reign of Ramabhadra (his father). The Arabs had taken Sindan Fort, the Rashtrakutas raided Malwa, and the Pratiharas had lost Kannauj. Mihira Bhoja evicted the Arabs from Sindan, Vanquished the Lata Branch of the Rashtrakutas, and permanently recaptured Kannauj. He even vassalized the Arabs and conquered Bihar.