Akhairaj Rathore & Akhairaj Sonigara - Warriors with Common Name, Shaping History

These warriors bearing common name shaped the history during and after their times

Akhairaj Rathore

Akhairaj Rathore was the eldest son of Rao Ridmal of Mandor and elder brother of Rao Jodha of Marwar. The legend goes that when the coconut sent for his alliance was commented upon by his father wittingly, he declined to accept the same and resolved to give up his claim of being heir apparent and stood by it. He participated in many actions to expand the boundaries of Mandor and was given the pargana of Sojat, where he erected a fortress that still stands and is known as Akhairaj fort.

When Rao Ridmal was killed at Chittorgarh and Jodha was struggling to regain his paternal abode from Mewar ruler, Akhairaj helped his sibling achieve this objective. In the decisive battle, Akka Sisodiya, the representative of the Rana at Mandor was killed by Akhairaj. He then put his brother with his own hands on the throne of Marwar by marking the tilak on the forehead of Jodha and presenting his own sword to him. Jodha in return bestowed the jagir of Bagri with many villages attached. This tradition has been maintained in perpetuity in Marwar and every prince receives the tilak from the Thakur of Bagri.

Akhairaj fathered eleven sons, from his four wives. To Akhadevi Sankhli were born Panchayan and Mehraj. Panchayan’s sons Jaita and Bhada; and Mehraj’s son Kumpa rose to stardom during Maldeo’s reign. They all martyred at the Giri-Samel battle with Shershah Suri in 1544. All three were progenitors of Rathore subclans known as Jaitawat, Bhadawat, and Kumpawat.

Akhairaj Sonigara

Akhairaj Sonigara of Pali was a contemporary of the grandsons of his namesake referred above. He was one of the seven stalwart generals of Rao Maldeo; the others being Jaita Panchayanot, Kumpa Mehrajot, Khinvkaran Udawat, Jaitsi Udawat, Jaisoji Champawat, and Panchayanji Karmsot. They made a formidable force and were instrumental in expanding Maldeo’s authority to an unprecedented extent.

When Banvir, legendary Prithviraj’s natural son from a non-Rajput lady, slew Rana Sanga’s son Vikramaditya in Mewar and young Udai Singh was carried to safety by foster mother Panna’s sacrificial deed, the nobility of Mewar sought aid from Marwar to get rid of the tyrant. Maldeo sent Akhairaj Sonigara and his companions, who defeated Banvir’s forces at the battle of Mawli and installed Udai Singh on Mewar’s throne. Akhairaj married his daughter to Udai Singh. Maharana Pratap was the fruit of this alliance.

Upon the demise of Udai Singh, his younger son Jagmall from his favorite queen was to be anointed as per the late Rana’s wish. Akhairaj Sonigara’s family protested the denial of his grandson’s right and pressurized Rawat of Salumbar, the chief of Mewar nobles, to enthrone Pratap.

Akhairaj had devoted his life to battles and wished to have his end in one of such actions. So, when the news of the advance of Shershah Suri was conveyed to him while bathing in the pond, he gave the gold ornaments he was wearing to the messenger. He fulfilled his desire in the famous Giri-Samel battle, martyring along with the most valorous stock of Rajputs.

In pic Akhairaj Sonigara

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