Features of the Forum

Conversations, not pages

Why break conversations into awkward and arbitrary pages, where you have to constantly find the Next Page button? We’ve replaced all that with the power of just-in-time loading. Want to read more? Keep scrolling down.

Dynamic notifications

When someone quotes your post, we’ll notify you. When someone mentions your @name, we’ll notify you. When someone replies to your post…well, you get the idea. And if you’re not around, we’ll email you, too.

Simple, but with context

This is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line. Expand context at the bottom and top of each post, and also in quotes, to reveal the full conversation without losing your place.

Links automatically expand

Want to share a cool link you found? Just paste it in on a single line and weā€™ll make it awesome. Links to Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, GitHub, Twitter, Flickr, and hundreds of other popular websites automatically expand to provide additional context and information.

Trust system

As members become trusted regulars over time, they earn abilities to help maintain their community.

a badge granting a user more forum control

Community moderation

Let the community suppress spam and dangerous content, and amicably resolve disputes.

example of a flagged post

Spam blocking

Built-in Akismet spam protection and heuristics including new user sandboxing, user flag blocking, and standard nofollow.

Example of a spam post

Social login

Easily add common social logins like Google, Facebook, Patreon etc.

social login buttons

Summarize topics

Use the Summarize button to condense long topics to just the most interesting and popular posts.

a summarize post button


Encourage positive community behaviors through the included set of badges, or add your own custom badges.

a badge for the number of likes a user recevied


Access a searchable list of standard emoji. Choose from four different emoji sets, or define your own custom emoji.

a list of emoji

Follow People

You can follow other users and see content posted by them in the tab ‘Following’. It’ll allow to track specific users and not miss topics posted by them.

To follow the members you may click on their ‘Avatar’ and see details, and then Follow the member by click on the ‘Follow’ button and toggle the button to unfollow. You may also checkout list of existing users of the forum here.


The feed from the people you follow is shown in the tab ‘Following’

More Features:-

  • File attachments
  • Embeddable polls
  • Desktop notifications
  • Auto-save drafts
  • Post revision history
  • Personal messaging
  • Drag & drop image uploads, galleries
  • Collaboratively edit wiki posts
  • Automatic & custom avatars
  • Email invitations
  • Polls
  • Elections

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