Maharawal Vijay Singh of Dungarpur: A Short Account from the Book "The Rajputs: A Fighting Race"

Rai-Rayan Maharawal Shri Vijiasinghji Bahadur, Maharawal of Dungarpur, is descended from the Sesodia clan of Rajputs and is famed throughout Rajputana for his qualities of head and heart. He is one of the youngest ruling princes of India who have had the advantages of a liberal education. His Highness was a student of Mayo College, Ajmer, and while there he showed a great desire for general knowledge. He is an enlightened prince in the real sense of the term, and his administration is typical of his progressive tendencies. He has spared no pains to make a lot of his subjects agreeable and pleasant, and all his activities are directed towards this end. Though his state is secluded and beyond the reach of improved communications, yet he is doing his best to introduce facilities for trade. Though his prestige is enhanced considerably by the fact that he comes from the Sesodia clan of Rajputs, of which illustrious clan His Highness the Maharana of Udaipur is the head, yet his talents and his tendencies 'do him even greater honour than his descent.

He has firm faith in the destinies of his race, he yields the palm to none, and amongst the countless Rajput princes of Rajputana, he wields a potent influence. He was invested with full ruling powers in 1909, and during these few years he has carried out enormous improvements in his state. Education, irrigation and other necessary works have not been lost sight of. He married the daughter of the Raja of Sailana.

It is the princes of today, who are cultured and who are alive to the needs of the hour, that contribute to the well-being of millions of human beings. A new spirit has taken hold of the princes of India, who have awakened to their duties and responsibilities towards their subjects as well as to their rights. His Highness Shri Vijiasinghji occupies the front rank with some other princes in matters of talent, enlightenment and progress.


  • “The Rajputs: A Fighting Race” by Jasraj Singh Sesodia