Prithvi-vallabha, "Lord of the Earth"

Prithvi-Vallabh was a title adopted by Kings in Rajput Period (600 AD to 1200 AD), first by the Rashtrakuta (Rathore) kings of India, as well as some kings from the dynasties that succeeded them. The title was first adopted by Dantidurga, an 8th-century ruler of the Deccan.

Prithvi means “the earth” and Vallabha means either “head of household” or “lover”, thus the title can be loosely translated as Lord of the Earth. Since Prithvi was also the name of an earth goddess controlled by Lord Vishnu, the title went so far as to equate Dantidurga and his heirs with the Hindu god Vishnu.

Besides the Rashtrakutas, the title was also adopted by the Chalukyas (Solanki) of Vatapi, who succeeded them in Deccan. The title was also used by Munja alias Vakpati of Paramara Rajput dynasty, which succeeded the Rashtrakutas in Malwa.

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