Rajputs of Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

Excerpts from the book “The People of India Vol 3 published in 1868 AD”

They are of the Hindu warrior tribe.Their chief occupations are military service and agriculture, and they are not migratory.They are generally a warlike and sturdy race. Their principal diet is animal food, and they are fond of limiting and shooting. They eat deer, wild hog, hare, &c., but not beef, and live between fifty and sixty years

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The Rajputs of Shahjahanpur primary include Gaurs (Pawayan Zamindari) and Katehrias(Khutar Zamindari). Of course few Rathores and others also exist The area is a very fertile belt and was a part of Rohilkhand which was separated from Awadh and came under United Provinces of Agra and later UP. I am from Pawayan, the largest Rajput Riyasat in the area.