RSS & BAMCEF backed Appropriation of Kshatriya History

These days the Social media has witnessed much clashes between the Kshatriya community and the feudal OBCs who want a Kshatriya Past. Sanskritisation or its specific form Rajputisation is being used by RSS brahmins & Dilip Mandal backed BAMCEF to pit these against Rajputs. Syncretic past is used to create fault lines.

For eg Rana Punja was a Solanki who was established as a Bhil a 2 decades back despite objection from Mahendra S Mewar & Manohardas Solanki, Punja’s descendant who lives in Panarwa village granted to Punja’s grandfather.
Now except the concerned Solanki families, no one wishes to reclaim Punja for fear of Rajput-Bhil animosity. This was RSS’s doing.

Let me share Mahendra Mewar’s letter on behalf of Manohardas Solanki to the then President.

OBC & Adivasi Feudals

Yes sir.
Often those who support this, argue that such things help many depressed communities gain confidence and social pride.

  1. However, it is a bit contradictory. Kshatriyas were not the only soldiering community & had kings.

Jats had Bharatpur, Dholpur, Hathras and zamindaris in Haryana.

  1. Ahir Rajas ruled Rewari and had mansab under Mughals.

  2. Gujjars had two states: Samthar in Bundelkhand and Landhora (near Roorkee).
    Bhils had a princely state in Gujarat called Dangs.

  3. Southern MP had many Rajgond kingdoms most of whose royals started off in courts of Kalchuri rajputs of Jabalpur. They also served Mughals as Kalchuris declined and one famous Amandas Gond ie Sangram Shah even employed Kalchuris and Chandels in his court.

Only Rajput Figures Targeted

RSS and Hindutvadi groups wouldn’t promote these small kings and kingdoms to give them pride. Instead they will go about changing identities of Rajput figures.

  1. Ahirs wouldn’t celebrate Rewari Rajas but call Alha Udal Ahirs.

  1. Gujjars wouldn’t celebrate Samthar’s Khatana or Landhora’s Khabad dynasty, they want Parihar Chauhan & Tomar Rajput figures.

  2. RSS wouldn’t celebrate the Dang’s Bhil Rajas instead they will make Punja Solanki a Bhil.

  3. RSS also doesn’t change identity of Brahmin figures like Rani Laxmibai, or Bhumihar Rajas. They are obsessed with only changing identities of Rajput figures.

Clearly a conspiracy to pit other castes against Rajput/Kshatriya community.

However, RSS driven Sanskritisation/Rajputisation is backed by a huge all-powerful coterie of Western and Indian “left-liberal” academicians who have been redefining Rajput identity to suggest that “kshatriya is a fluid social status that all tribal Adivasi and Shudra chiefs could achieve after gaining lands, while the rest of their tribe remained Adivasis or Shudras”.
These Academicians include: Dirk H Kollf, Cynthia Talbot, Sumaira Shaikh, Farhana Ibrahim, Aparna Kapadia, Lylla Mehta, Tanuja Kothiyal Tiwari, Satish Chandra.