Solanki Rajaputras


Sub Clans of Solanki Rajput

  1. Balnot - Descendants of Balan, son of Kirtipal (elder brother of King Kumarpal). They live in Toda,Tordi in Rajatshan, Ghargaon,Dahi,Dharmraj(near Indore) in Madhya Pradesh.

  2. Mehalgota - Descendants of fourth descendant of Balan, Mahelu. Their Jagir was Kekadi(Ajmer).

  3. Kherada - Descendants of Bheem (4th descendant of Balan) ruled the area of Kherada in Jahajpur(Mewar), thus called Kherada. Mandalgadh fort was in their occupation during Akbar’s campaign on Chittor.

  4. Nathawat - Descendants of 9th descdendant of Balan, Nathaji. Mostly they are holding Jagirs in Bundi State. Main thikanas are Patanra, Naingaon,Hungori. They are having seats in Davi Misal(left seats) of Bundi Court.

  5. Veerpura - 3rd descendant of Balan was Veerbhanu, who established the princely state of Lunawada (9 gun salute during British occupation). Other than Lunawada, Veerpura Solanki holds Jagir of Pawagadh, Sutrampur, Radhanpur.

  6. Bhojawat - Direct descendants of King Tribhuvanpal- II of Gujarat, in direct bloodline of 7 generations. After 7 generation of Tribhuvan, Bhoja became the king, ruling in Rajputana. His descendants are Bhojawat Solankis. It is the most powerful, dominating and famous sub-clan which existed after rule of Gujarat. Most of Thikanas of Solankis in Mewar are of Bhojawat Solankis.
    Shakarot - Great grandson of Bhoja, Shanker Singh was granted Thikana of Jhilwara. His descendants live in Jhilwara and many other villages in Mewar.
    SavantSinghot - Younger brother of Shaker Singh was Savant Singh. He was granted Thikana of Desuri and his descdendant are Savantsinghot. The Patvi Thikana is Roopanagar( magartalav,bagol, dailana kesuli etc , one of Bada 32 Thikanas of Mewar and also ohter Thikanas are Jojawar and many other villages in Mewar and Marwar(.
    KhetSinghot - Son of SavantSingh was Khet Singh. He was died in battle of Balisa. His descendants were granted Siryari but that was taken by Marwar forces and they were granted Thikana of Sansari and Mani.
    HamirSinghot - Descendants of son of SavantSingh, Hamir Singh. They live in Somesar.
    Dela - Son of Savant Singh, Dela established his territory in Javara in Malwa. His title was Rawat and his descendants are holding Jagir of Abarwada,Khojan Kheda, Alot and Khadgun in Malwa.Second son of Bhoja was Gauda. Gauda’s son Sultan Singh, captured Panarwa. His descendant was rana Punja, who is famous in History of Mewar from Battle of Haldighati and for helping Maharana. They are also holing Bhom of Augana.

  7. Baghela - Descendant of Sarang (Son of King Bhimdev - I) are Baghelas. They ruled the area of BaghelKhand with capital of Rewa. Many popular thikanas of Baghels are Baran, Churhat, Rampur, tala, Chamu, Itavan, Devra, Solagpur, Nigvani, Jaitpur, Chandiya, Baikunthpur, Kalyanpur, Mehsana, Ranpura and Devgadh. Vyaghrapall village, also identified as Bhimapalli of Jain sources or modern Bhildi.

  8. Tehtia

Rest of the sub-clans are
Malra, Khodera, Bhangota, Kathwad, Tejawat, Barwasian, Bharsunda, Salawat, Beda, Uniyariya, Halawat, Chajawat, Bahela, Modawat, Karmawat, Amawat, Katariya, Tatawat, Surjanpota, Banveerpota, Achalpota,Rawatka, Khinyawat, Harrajot, Bairisalot, Baghawat, Gangawat, Balramot, Kamawat, Narhardasot, Rudraka, Vishnuka, Jagganathka, Madhodaska, Dayaldaska, Jagrupka, Kalacha, Bhale Sultan, Swarnman, Bhutta, Bhureva, Kalmer, Solake, Tantiya, Peethapur, Sojathiya, Togaru, Beeku.

  1. Bhal: Historical research on Bhal (Bhale Sultan ) Rajput of Sasni and their old Fort of Sasni in Hathras district ----

The Bhal or Bhale Sultan clan of Kshatriyas claim to be Solanki , but are usually regarded as a spurious stock.

The Bulandshahr branch of this tribe , according to one story , claim descent from Sidhrao Jai Singh Solanki of Paryatan in Gujrat.After the defeat of Prithvi Raj Chauhan , Sawai Singh , the ancestor of the family , obtained the title of Bhale Sultan , or “Lords of the Lance” from Shahab-ud-din Ghori .
Another story is that they are descended from Sarang Deo , a nephew of the Raja Bali of Gujrat , who took service under Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi , with whom he was distantly connected , and perished in the war against Kannauj , when his descendant was rewarded with lands of Bulandshahar .It was his grandson , Hamir Singh , who took service with the Raja of Kannauj and obtained through him and Shahab-ud-din Ghori the title of Bhale Sultan .The seventh in descent from him came Kirat Singh , distinguished himself in the campaign of Ghayas-ud-din Tugalaq against the Meos and drove out the Meos and got their lands . He obtained possession of 84 villages in Khurja .He settled at the village of Arniyan , and divided the villages between himself and his cousins , who resided at village Kakaur .The seventh in the descent from Kirat Singh , Khan Chande , became a Musalman to please the Muhammad Governor under Khizar Khan , the protege of Timur and secured the right to half the estate under the name of Malha Khan .His son , Lad Khan , removed his headquarters to Khurja ,and received the office of Chaudhri from Akbar .His descendant ,Azam Ali Khan , held 44 villages ,but this at the time of settlement had been reduced to 11 villages and 12 shares.At his death the property was dispersed owing to debt and mismanagement , a small portion only remaining with his widow.
The Hindu Bhale Sultan have also lost their property from the same cause .In 1870 , they held 32 villages ,and this had decreased by1890 to 7 villages and 13 shares comprising the Sikri estate , but even this was gone from them.

The M.B records the domination of the Bhal Rajputs in the northern part of pargana Hathras since the 15th century .Utrah ,Nauzarpur ,Rudayen ,Susayet Kalan and Susayet Khurd and Sasni were some of the earliest places found under their control .

Foundation of Sasni and it’s Fort—

According to one tradition Sasni was founded by Thakur Sheo Pal Singh ,a Solanki Raput Chief in 1154 A,D ., who migrated from Khurja to Sasni and he constructed the fort of Sasni. This becoming their central place in this tract .

In addition to the places given in the MB Tilothi ,Barsa ,Bandhnu ,Loharra ,Harauli and Lutsan are said to have been established by them .The Bhal Rajputs says that this tract was full of thicket and forest which was cleared away by their ancestors .
By1833 ,they had lost much of their earlier possessions ,he supplied number of their villages which was origionally 15 came down to only 3.In 1868 ,it was reported that they have lost nearly everything in Sasni ,where they now possess only entire village .They had been expelled by the Jat zamindars from their other possessions .
Rudain village near Sasni was also founded by two brothers of Solanki clan whose name were Rudra Singh and Padam Singh lived in this village .The village gets its name from Rudra Singh .The village marks the site of a garhi .

Susayat village near Sasni was settled by a Solanki Rajput ,who was passing by the mound on his way to Ganga .

Thakur Tara Singh ,Rais and zamindar of Bhartua ,in Aligarh district ,belong to the Solanki clan of rajput .The British government appointed him as an Honorary Magistrate .

Sasni Fort—The fort ,of which the remains exists was built by the Jat Raja Phup Singh of Mursan family .Tradition makes him out to have been a person of a very arbitrary disposition .It is said that he was specially proud of his place garden ;and once ,when one of his young sons had broken a twig oe a leaf from some favourite tree ,the Raja ordered the lad’s arm to be cut off .The Raja’s followers however interceded ,and the youth was punished by being forced to go about for several days with his sleeves cut short and his arms bare .
On another occasion the Raja saw a peasant woman on the road break off the leaf of an overhanging tree to cover the mouth of a pot of Ghi she was carrying ; whereupon she made her empty the whole pot of Ghi over the tree , ‘’to head ,’’ ‘’the wound she had inflicted .’’
Sasni , Akrabad ,Jajali and Sikandra Rao , at the beginning of the 18th century , were included in the dominion of the Nawab Wazir of Qudh (Awadh) .They were ceded by treaty in 1802.
Raja Bhagwant Singh then held Sasni and Bijaigarh ,and Thakur Harkishan Singh held Kachaura in SikandraRao .The then Lieutenant Governor ( Hon’ble Gerald Wellesley ) forbade these chiefs to collect transit duties , and offered them a nankar allowance as compensation .They disobeyed ,and a force was sent to reduce them .Thereupon the Sasni chief offered to surrender , but secretly made preparation to destroy by treachery the small force ( commanded by Coloned Blair ) which was sent to occupy the fort .General St.John was then sent against Sasni with a longe force in the winter of 1802 , but the place held out until some time in 1803 ,when it was taken by Lord Lake in person , not without considerable loss .
At Sasni are the remains of monuments erected in memory of Lieutenant Blair and other officers who were killed in the attack on the fort .A great portion of the material of the fort was used in the building of the Sasni indigo factories in 1806.
Lord Lake remained for a time at Sasni , whither on the 5thSeptember 1857 General Perron despached a letter to him from Muttra , offering to surrender an assurance of protection to his person and property .The offer was readily accepted and Perron , having sent for his family from Agra , contrived to eldue the vigilance of his troops by giving them liberal bountics ,and joined the British force at Sasni .


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Author-Dr Dhirendra Singh Jadaun
Village-Larhota near Sasni
District-Hathras ,U.P
Associate Professor in Agriculture
Shahid Captain Ripudman Singh Govt.College , Sawaimadhopur ,Rajasthan ,322001.

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Good post.

Just have one question however, what is the Proto Rajput clan for Solankis?

The region where Solankis rose, has been home to many republics - Aulikaras, Maitraks etc.Difficult to establish unless a detailed research work

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Some people claim them to be Central Asian “Culikas” but I doubt that Sulikas transforms into Chaulukyas.