The Simplicity of Rajput Lokdevtas, contrary to the Glittery Aristocratic culture

पाबू हडू रामदे ए मांगाळिया मेहा।
पांचू पीर पधारजौ ए गोगाजी जेहा।।

The destructive aristocratic culture has been adopted even by Jat Royals , Zamindars & Sikh Royals and Maratha Royals too, whose cultural norms began to be influenced by first Persian aristocratic extravaganza and then European Aristocratic lexicon. Yet there is an alternative culture among these groups that instead values labour , simple lifestyle , humility and constructive team work.

Similarly the Banna culture among Rajputs came about gradually as Rajputs began to imitate Persian & later European Aristocratic culture. Yet there has been no strong intellectual counter and cultural alternative to this – though I assure that most Rajputs cannot even live this Bannaism.

Otherwise, if one checks the early Rajput leadership, they didn’t lead a very opulent life because they had scarce resources and they were in constant struggle…plus whatever funds they had - they used it to create (1) fortified settlements, (2)Stepwells (3) temples dedicated to Jainism and Hinduism.

Ever come to Jodhpur , and Maldeo has a very small chhatri & the largest chhatri belongs to Ajit Singh. Even though the latter pales before the former. It is like comparing the great Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh , who grew up in humble background and worked hard to achieve power with his unilustrious feuding sons who were born in riches and lacked in endeavour.

Hence we must write more on our Lokdevtas & our own saints who supported a simpler lifestyle, hardwork, humility and preached against alcoholism. This way we also create an alternate Rajput culture other than the Banna/Aristocratic one, which instead is rooted in reality.
Hence we must write on Bhagat Pipaji Khichi, Malinathji, Pabuji Dhandhal Rathore, Gogaji Chayal Chauhan, Bacchrajji Solanki, Goluji Katyuri, Mehaji Mangaliya & Harbuji Sankhla.

This type of alternate narrative would ground the Rajput youth and make contemporary rajputs value work ethic and help them create a better public image as well.